“The electronic cigarette and e liquid industries were estimated to be worth over 3 Billion dollars in 2012 and projected to nearly double to over 5 Billion by 2015. Don’t lose your market share. Stay a step ahead of complaince. Choose TruNic™”


The New Industry Standard for E-Liquid Nicotine

Does your E-Liquid contain real USA made Liquid Nicotine? To date most e-liquids contain synthetic Nicotine or imported nicotine from other countries.

Introducing TruNic™ – USA grown and extracted Nicotine. At 99.7% it scored one of the highest USA purity levels for any E-Liquid.

  • Made in the USA
  • USA Grown Tobacco Leaves
  • Extracted in the USA (Not Synthetic)
  • DDT Free (No Banned Pesticides)
  • Extracted in an FDA-Approved Laboratory
  • USP and GMP Compliant
  • Contamination Free (No Impurities)

Superior quality pure Liquid Nicotine, tailored for premium E-Liquid manufacturing.